YINHE Iocharger

YINHE Iocharger a registered brand of Xiamen Galaxy Camphol Technology CO., Ltd, is the subsidiary company
of Jiangsu Yinhe Electronic CO., LTD, is a state level High-tech company specialized in new energy industry, with
business covering EV Charging solutions, Energy storage and management solutions, and other IoT solutions. Iocharger
has established 3 R&D centers in Xiamen, Suzhou and Beijing, with more than 60 engineers, and production bases
available in Xiamen, Suzhou and Luoyang.
As a member of OCA & OCPI, iocharger has been providing professional OCPP EV & E-bus Charging solutions
including smart AC Chargers, DC fast Chargers, OCPP Gateway, and also charging management system, for both
residential and commercial.We have been working on many government projects in China, Europe and South America,
partners including large distributors, charging operators, petrol & gas stations, and energy utilities.
Iocharger is committed to providing customers with satisfactory products and solutions through continuous
innovation and unremitting pursuit of high quality to bring people a more comfortable and green life.

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AC Pedestal EV Charging Station (1-Phase 2x7kW & 3-Phase 2x22kW available)


Two variants are available, i.e. 230V single- and 400V three-phase

Parking floor stand EV charger, AC up to 22kW


Single / double cable (or gun) AC 7/22/43kw

Modular fast DC charger with following powers: DC DC 60kW, 120kW / AC 22kW, 43 kW


Modular design ensures high availability DC 60kW/120kW & AC 22kW/43kW Simultaneous charge to up to 2 EVs or E-buses CCS-2, CHAdeMO, Type-2 AC Dynamic load distribution Adjustable operating current & Power OCPP Compatibility OCPP1.6J support for easy back office integration Secure User Identification Via RFID or Mobile App  

Fast DC charger with adjustable power 60kW, 120kW, 180kW


Easy configuration to any charging network,
OCA &OCPI official member,
High quality assurance,
Fast response for service support,
Reduced equipment development cost