• DC power charging module 15kW@1000V

The Symbol : MXR300500

15kW bidirectional power converter

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Battery Formation and Separation

The battery formation and separation industry has experienced two revolutionary advancements so far: the first is based on energy feedback technology to replace resistance consumption. Traditional formation equipment uses resistance consumption, resulting in waste of heat and serious heating, high production costs, and energy feedback technology. The energy consumed by the resistor is converted into regenerative power and sent back to the AC grid for use by itself or other electrical equipment, saving power and achieving the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction; the second time is high frequency isolation instead of power frequency isolation, and high frequency isolation is improved The system efficiency is reduced, the system cost is reduced, the floor space is reduced, and energy saving and efficiency increase are further achieved. The picture below shows the solution of two-way highfrequency isolation power supply for battery formation and capacity division. The battery pack is connected to the module in groups, eliminating the power frequency transformer, and the system is more efficient and smaller in size.


DC power aging

DC power supply, such as charging pile module, power operation power supply, communication power supply, etc., during production aging, if there is a resistive load or electronic load, huge power loss will be generated; if the DC power supply is connected to the V2G module during the aging process, the power Feeding back to the grid will save at least 95% of the electricity, save the owner's electricity bill, and save the owner's production cost.

Technical specifications


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