WALLBOX 7 kW – AKEV7 – AC EV Charger


AKEV7 AC charger comes up with slim design. IEC 61851 Type-2 and SAE J1772 Type-1 compliance, 7kW 32A single connector output, plug and play features make it best suitable for home charging.High performance charging control board is compatible with all kinds electric vehicles charging. RCD Type-A embedded IP54 rating and UV protection ABS housing ensure the reliability and safety.It provides EV users with quality, security and user friendly charging experience.

Key features and Benefits

  • 7kW 32A AC output for residential charging use.
  • IEC 62196 Type-2 and SAE J1772 Type-1 single charging outlet.
  • UV protection ABS enclosure with slim design.
  • Integrated charging control board compatible with all kinds electric vehicles charging.
  • Current, voltage, energy, ground fault detection and RCD Type-A embedded.
  • Temperature detection, fault alarm and emergency button ensure the security during operation.
  • OEM branding service available.
  • The lit LED light strip with different colors allows users to quickly identify the charging status.
  • Wall and pedestal mount options suitable for various installation applications.

Technical specifications

  • Charging type: Mode 3 AC charging
  • Charging outlet: IEC 62196 Type-2, SAE J1772 Type-1
  • Input voltage: 220Vac +/-10%, 1-phase
  • Output voltage: 220Vac +/-10%
  • Rated AC output power: 7kW 32A
  • Access to the station: Plug & Charge
  • RCD: Type-A 30mA
  • IP54, IK08 protection rating
  • Operation environment: -20 °C – +50 °C, 5% – 95% non-condensation, < 2000m altitude


Weight 4500 kg

Charging power