Wholesale catalogue of EV charging plugs – download our offer and presentation of samples

You are welcome to review our wholesale catalogue of EV plugs, including presentation of leading producers and samples provided. These products are especially essential for producers of AC and DC chargers, EV charging accessories and EV charging cables.

Our assortiment consist in male and female plugs, both 32A, capable to work under heavy load of AC and DC chargers for electric vehicles. There is also a possibility to order catbles (without plugs).

We provide our best expertise where the quality and safety matter the most. These factors are indeed underlying the entire charging process. Therefore, we are at disposal of set of samples, which could be throughly analysed by your purchase and/or technical personnel. Further, we support the entire contracting process in order to ensure regular deliveries following the schedule, despite the situation at global transportation market. Our team have long-term relationships with top producers of cables and plugs, but also with air, rail and deep sea (ocean) freight forwarders.

Please contact us directly via mail to obtain the catalogue (address visible at the top of website).