SPV Series AC + DC EV charger, 60-200kW


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Connectors: COMBO2 + COMBO2 (2 Channel) + AC x 1

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    • Auto brightness control of LCD panel(day/night)

    • High tolerance in wide ranges of temperature and humidity

    • Capable of limiting charging capacity depending input power

    • Public / non-public available

    – Public connection to evRang main control system

    – Non-public connection to local control system or to private mobile

    • Anti-rust coating of main body

    • Stmultaneous charging(option)

    • User Interface: 12″ color touch LCD, Smart phone APP.

    • Payment System: RFID, Smart phone APP., Credit card

    • Redundancy of communication networks to secure confidence in charging infrastructure

    • Dimensions: 550mm(W) x 1750mm(H) x 850mm(D)


    Model    EPF22E

    Input AC    3 Phase + Neutral + PE

    Rated Input Power     AC 380V +-10% Max 84A, 60Hz/50Hz 55kVA

    Output Voltage Range    DC 200 ~1,000V

    Rated Output Power    60kW / Dual

    Power Factor    ≥0.99

    Efficiency(Full load)    ≥ 94%

    Humidity    5~95%(Non-condensing)

    Temperatures    Operation: -25 ℃ ~ +40 ℃

    Charging Plug    COMBO + COMBO / COMBO + CHAdeMO

    Charging Cable    Cable Length 5m (standard), 7m/10m(Option)

    Emergency Button    Push Type

    User Interface    User Interface: 12.1″ color touch LCD

    THD/ WHM    THD : <5% / WHM : <1%

    EMC Class    Class A(Industrial) IEC 61851-21-2

    Safety and Protection Features    Over_Under Voltage, Current, Temp./ Earth Leakage, Magnetic Contactor Welding,  Short Circuit , Grounding , Surge Protection.

    OS    Window 10

    Protection    IP44 / IP55

    Dimension(W x D x H)    700(W) x 1700(H) x 290(D) (excl. stand and charging connector)

    Weight    200kg

    Weight 200000 kg

    Charging power

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    Type of plug