Interstellar AC Charger 22 kW with type 2 plug IP65 NFC/RFID/APP


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• Rated Power: 22kW
• System type: Three Phase
• Rated Input: 380Vac, 32A
• Connector: Socket/Type 2
• Protection: IP65
• Payment methods: NFC/ RFID/APP
• RCD: Type A 30mA + DC 6mA
• Please contact us while ordering smaller quantities (below 5 units)

Product Name Interstellar

Size Φ260mm

Weight 5.5kg

Voltage AC 220

Rated Power 7kW 22kW

Input/ Output Voltage Single-phase 220V Three-Phase 380V

Input/ Output Current 32A

Frequency 50Hz±1Hz

Input Voltage Range AC220V±15%

Earth leakage protection Leakage current≤30mA, action time≤0.1s

Protection Degree IP65

Communication Method LAN/ 4G/ Wifi (Optional)

Connector IEC Type2 with 3 Meters Cable

Communication Protocol OCPP1.6J, ( can updated to 2.0)

Payment method NFC/ RFID/ Plug and Charge/APP(Optional)

RCD Type A 30mA + DC6mA

EMC Class B

Operating Temperature -30°C — +55°C

Relative Humidity 5%—95%

Protection Functionalities

Over current protection, over voltage/under voltage protection, over temperature protection, lightning protection, short circuit protection, ground fault protection, etc.

Metering MID Meter

Function Extension Extended Bluetooth, Load Balancing System

Certification CE, TUV mark, TR25

Weight 6000 kg

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