EPF Series EV Charger / AC 3-phase 400V, 60kW / 130kW DC


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    • Ergonomic design

    • Parallel operation and power sharing of power module

    – Esay capacity change

    – Highly reliabile operation in a parallel connection

    • High tolerance in wide ranges of temperature and humidity

    • Capable of limiting charging capacity depending input power

    • Anti-rust coating of main body

    • Simultaneous charging (option)

    • Support DC Combo and DC CHAdeMO

    • User Interface: 12″ color touch LCD, Smart phone APP.

    • Payment System: RFID, Smart phone APP., Credit card

    • Support dual connections through mobile modem and mobile phone(APP.) in parallel

    • Dimensions: 750mm(W) x 1700mm(H) x 300mm(D)

    Weight 120000 kg

    Charging power


    Type of plug