AC7000-AU-25 – Smart Home Series – UL Standard


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    AC Nominal Input Phases/Lines 1 phase + neutral+ PE
    Voltage 230V±10%
    Frequency 50Hz
    AC Nominal Output Voltage 230V±10%
    Current 32A
    Power 7KW
    Structure Design Housing Material Plastic PC940
    Installation Method Wall-mount
    Wall-mount Bracket Not necessary
    Charging Outlet One charging connector(Type 1)
    Cable Length 4 M
    LED Indicator Green/Yellow/Red
    LCD Screen No
    RFID Function Yes
    Communication Charger v.s. Backend WIFI
    BT connection Yes
    Communication Protocol OCPP 1.6 (JSON)
    Environmental Index Operating Temperature  – 30℃~ + 50℃
    Working Humidity 5%~95% without condensation
    Working Altitude <2000M
    Protection Grade IP65
    Application Site Indoor/Outdoor
    Cooling Method Natural cooling
    Security Protection Multiple Protection Over/Under voltage protection,Overload protection,Short circuit protection,Current leakage protection,Grounding protection,Surge protection,Over/Under temperature protection
    MTBF 100,000 hours
    Safety Standard SAE J1772
    Warranty 2 years
    Optional parts Modem Ethernet/4G

    UL standard
    Weight 8000 kg