7kW AC charger SEA220/32-E2-L (type 2 socket) 220Vac single phase


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Index & specifications

Type Description SEA220/32-E2-L

Rated Power 7kW

Input/ Output Current 32A

Input/ Output Voltage Single phase 220Vac

Frequency 50Hz

Protection Degree IP54/IK10

Connector Type Type 2

Socket(With Electronic lock) IEC 62196-2

Connected Mode Mode 3

Charging Mode Mifare1 card/Password/APP(Optional)

Communication Mode Ethernet/4G/Wifi(Optional)

System Standards IEC 61851-1,IEC 61851-22

Operating Temperature -20°C — +50°C

Relative Humidity 5%—95%

Altitude ≤ 2000m

Communication protocol OCPP1.6

Status Indication Tri-color LED status indication

Cabinet Size Sheet metal cabinet,W320 D180 H420 mm

Display Screen 4.3 inch HD touch screen

Metering Meters that comply with the MID directive

Other Functions Level A Leakage Protection,Surge Protection DeviceEmergency Stop Protection

Weight 15000 kg