60kW DC Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicle With CCS Dual Connectors


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DC 60kW Fast Charger meets the European charging standards for new energy electric vehicles. Power control, charging management, network communication and other customized functions, all in one device.
The entire charging process is under intelligent control, offering 150~500V output voltage range. CCS2 single gun charging offers super fast charging for one electric vehicle. CCS 2 dual guns charging allows the charging of two electric vehicles simultaneously with equal power distribution.


Specification Model DC060K-BE-20

AC Nominal Input


Phases / Lines 3 phase + neutral + PE
Voltage 400 V ± 10%
Frequency 50Hz

DC Nominal Output


Voltage 200~750V
Current Max. 80A
Power 60KW

Electrical Parameter


Power Factor ≧0.99 (50%~100% load)
THD Value ≦5% (50%~100% load)
Stable Voltage Accuracy ≦±0.5%
Stable Current Accuracy ≦±1%
Efficiency Max. 94%
Auxiliary Power 12V

Structure Design


Housing Material Galvanized steel
Installation Method Floor-stand
Wall-mount Bracket NA
Charging Outlet Two charging guns (CCS Combo 2)
Cable Length 7M
LED Indicator 3 indicators
LCD Screen Yes
Emergency Stop Button Yes
Startup Mode Plug-and-play/RFID Card/QR Code
RFID Function Yes



Charger v.s. EV PLC (DIN 70121: 2014-12)
EN-GATE v.s. Charger CAN
EN-GATE v.s. Backend Ethernet/4G/WIFI
Communication Protocol OCPP 1.6 (JSON)

Environmental Index


Operating Temperature -30 °C ~ +50 °C
Working Humidity 5%~95% without condensation
Working Altitude <2000M
Protection Grade IP54
Application Site Indoor/Outdoor
Cooling Method Fan cooling
Noise ≦60dB

Safety Protection


Multiple Protection Over/Under voltage protection, Overload protect

Weight 230000 kg


Charging power

Type of plug

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